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Product Packaging – The JetBlack Turn Box

Packaging Design Jetblack Cycling Turn Block Box Envy Web And Design Graphic Design

Client: JetBlack Cycling, Australia

Brief: To design the packaging for their new turn block; an important addition to their suite of indoor training products.

We have been working with JetBlack Cycling on a range of things from their websites, to their promotional materials as well as packaging and box designs.

For the Turn Block packaging design, we wanted a box that would tie in with the rest of their new marketing materials, as well as provide a tactile experience for the customer, with a cut out on the front panel.

Instead of a square hole, we went for a triangle hole, as the shape of the opening echoes the forward lines that we have been using across print and web design. This still allowed the customer to see and feel the product, and also holds it more securely.

The exterior of the box is black, and features the JetBlack elevation lines that we developed and have used on other products, packaging and design. The interior of the box is bright orange, with a graphic of the Turn Block printed so that even after removal of the product, it is visible inside the box.

JetBlack Cycling Turn Block Box DielineJetBlack Cycling Turn Block Box Dieline

JetBlack Turn Block Packaging Design

JetBlack Turn Block packaging design

Turn Block - Photo by Darren Simmonds, JetBlack CyclingTurn Block - JetBlack Cycling

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