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Taiao Adventures

Taiao Adventures commissioned a logo for their Rotorua tour company.

Taiao Adventures specialises in water-based tours on kayaks. Their passion is to connect with people – and show them some of the local wonders of Rotorua – the glowworm caves by night, and the steaming cliffs and geysers by day.

Customers kayak along the scenic shorelines in a guided tour to discover small hidden caverns home to a galaxy of glow worms.

Their name draws inspiration from the natural environment – using the Maori word Taiao to convey the concept of adventures in our natural wonderland.


(noun) world, Earth, natural world, environment, nature, country.

Project Details


The brief was to create a logo that communicated Fun, Adventure, Activity, People, Nature.

Our initial concepts focused on people and fun, however after further chats with the team – the focus shifted onto creating a hand drawn logo with an organic feel – that truly captured the different activities. We wanted the logo to feel unique, cool and to be something aspirational.

We went back to the drawing board and found inspiration pics to highlight the day tours and the night tours. By drawing over these, we created the two scenes that are used in the logo.

Taiuao Adventures Logo Design Rotorua Day Time References
Taiuao Adventures Logo Design Rotorua Nighttime References

Before we created the logo lockups, we created a full illustration that would wrap around the text.

For the daytime, we created a scene that highlights the steaming cliffs at Waimangu Valley, the water on the lake, the bright sun and native trees.

For the nightime scene, we created a glowworm cave, situated on the lake under the light of the moon and stars, and overlooked by some towering Redwood trees. Separated by a Taiaha, this illustration can be used on it’s own, or paired with our custom, brush letter font.

Taiao Adventures Full Illustration Logo Anatomy Design Rotorua

For the lettering, we needed typography that would be complimentary to the hand drawn style of the logo.

The brush letter typography is energetic, and conveys adventure and excitement. 

Taiao Adventures Brush Lettering

Once we put the illustration and the text together, we created a super unique, fun and engaging logo that will solidify Taiao Adventures as the premium kayak tour company in Rotorua.

Taiao Adventures Logo
Taiao Adventures Logo Rotorua
Taiao Adventures Wall Mockup Logo Design
Taiao Adventures Business Card Mockup
Taiao Adventures Drink Bottle Merchandise Mockup
Back View Mens Jacket Hoodie Taiao Adventures Logo Rotorua

The full logo suite contains a raft of different logo files for Taiao Adventures to use – including circle lockups, as well as daytime and nighttime logos, a variety of brand icons, a flag mark and some graphical elements.

Final Logo Files Taiao Adventures

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