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Nevafold Clothing - Logo Design

Logo & brand design for a new Rotorua streetwear clothing company. 

Clothing company pwner Pre approached us to help develop the existing brand she had started for Nevafold. We took elements from her concept design and pulled it together into a full brand package.

Project Details

Nevafold Clothing

The original font for NEVAFOLD was used, however we improved the kerning of the letters to give it a more polished look.

We then created the main responsive logo variations – the badge, and brand icons. 

The ethos behind the logo was brotherhood. We explored ways that we could visually bring this concept into the logo. We created a unique brand icon using the letters NF. By flipping the F over and adding dots, we have created an abstract group of people standing together – a brotherhood standing strong.

Nevafold Logo Final Files Brand Guidelines
Nevafold Clothing Logo Design Rotorua
Nevafold Clothing Logo Design Rotorua Envy Web And Design

Pre wanted to include fist graphics in the brand, so we created a variety of lockups that could be used across the range.

To keep the sense of brotherhood and togetherness, we explored options around handshakes and settled on a handshake and two fist bump designs.

The brand is black and white only, so we provided reversed out options in white that can be used on a black, or dark, background.

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