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You need a website.

But you don’t just need a website.

You need a website that looks good, can be found in search engines, sells your products or services, is easy to manage and performs at the top of your market.

That’s where we come in.

With the rise of online website building platforms such as Squarespace, Shopify and Wix, there are more and more people out there offering website design services. Unfortunately, without the backing of thorough, formal education in the industry and the years of experience working with a variety of coding languages and development platforms, this is resulting in lower quality websites being sold to unsuspecting business owners for much higher prices than they should be paying.

When you work with us, you have the expertise of a fully trained software engineer on your team. With experience building complex dynamic websites, and adapting to the ever-changing requirements of the IT world over the past 15 years, Nathan has the skills to support your dream and bring it to life.

One of the most important parts of your website development is the website copy. Preparing well-written, SEO-optimised content for your website will be one of the key factors in determining how successful the final result is. We can wither write the website copy for you, or help to polish and refine existing notes & content you have already written.

We are committed to following best practice throughout your website build, making sure your website code is clean, fast and your site is optimized for search engines from the bottom up. Once live, our secure and fast customized hosting environment means your important business asset is very well taken care of.


What we use to build your website.

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WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet, and for good reason. It’s intuitive & powerful, brilliantly customisable, constantly evolving and has excellent SEO capabilities. Your website is in safe hands with this platform and our WordPress expertise.

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WooCommerce is our preferred way to build e-commerce sites. It’s a WordPress plugin, so you get all the e-commerce functionalities of WooCommerce, with all the benefits of WordPress. The result? A bespoke, scalable & secure website tailored to your store’s needs. No boundaries. Total customisation.

Our Rotorua Web Design Process

What to expect during your website development

Website Development FAQs

Every project is unique, but we typically advise clients to expect an 8- 12 week timeline. If you are prepared and have all your text content and images ready to go – it could be possible for your new website live in anything from 3-8 weeks.

This is very dependent upon client provision of content, response time and project scope. If you are super organised, and have all your content ready to go, then this will make for a much faster timeline.

The website design and development process involves four stages:

  • Website discovery
  • Concept visual design development & approval
  • Client review & feedback
  • Deployment & hosting


Effective and quick communication during each of these stages will ensure that the website project meets the timeline.

In order to meet the estimated time-frame and budget, we ask that your content is supplied prior to the start of the website design & build – we will start on the website design once images and text have been supplied.

We will have an initial meeting before we begin any design work, followed by unlimited email & phone support during the duration of your design project’s timeline. In-person meeting mayl incur additional charges.

Yes, the rights granted to you are for the full usage of the Final Design of the website. 

Prior to creating a website estimate for you, we ask you to fill in our website questionnaire. Please fill this in as fully as you can, to ensure we understand exactly what you are looking for. 

Once the estimate is accepted, you then need to write the text content for the website, and collate all images and media. These need to be presented to us at the start of the project, finalised and ready to go.

Be sure to have your professional email address, professional phone number (if relevant) and any other contact information or marketing media such as brand photography or headshots prepared before our design start date.

If you are getting professional photographs taken for the website, you will also want to have those ready.

Website design projects are paid in two installments – 50% up front, and then the final 50% before the completion of your project.

The final invoice will also include your first year’s hosting charge. 

Yes, we have designed your website with an easy to use page builder so that you have control of your website’s content. This means that you are able to edit text, change images, adjust page layout, and even add more features to a page without needing our assistance.

Like with most things, there is a learning curve that you will need to go through to get up to speed. If you find that your updates are not frequent enough for you to be able to effectively learn the system, we are happy to make small (or large) updates for you. We charge a minimum of 15 minutes at our WordPress development rate.

Website Hosting

Once the website is live, there is an annual website hosting fee.  The plan we recommend will be based on the size and functionality of your website. We will advise you of this.

Website Updates

Every year we also will check your website to see if it requires an Annual Website Update. All software needs updates. Just like your computer, tablet or your  phone, your website needs updating. WordPress is updated regularly to add new features and close security holes that can be hacked. A minimum of an annual check up is required – this is $150+GST.

Website Support

We are always available to make updates to your website. Once live, you will move onto a monthly invoicing period – where we will tally up any support requests during the month.

Bug Fixing 

At times all websites require little fixes. We recognise this is outside of both our control and your control, so we charge a discounted rate to reflect this.

When problems with your website arise, we will fix them as fast as possible, and charge you our reduced bug fixing rate. We appreciate your understanding. Like any computer or software, sometimes websites or the server may encounter a small issue that needs to be addressed.