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Pure Journeys - Logo Redesign

We were commissioned to create a new logo for Pure Journeys – a Wanaka-based company that offers service-led, custom-made itineraries to tourists & are New Zealand and Australia Holiday Specialists.

The logo needed to look natural, sophisticated and sustainable as well as smart, fresh and light. The new brand will bring a new, modern look and feel to the company, and will lead the website design refresh, also to be undertaken by Envy Web + Design.

Project Details

Travel & Tourism

To begin the redesign project, we first did an in-depth branding workshop with the key decision makers at Pure Journeys. 

This process was a deep-dive into their company; to uncover their roadmap for the future,  understand their goals, their purpose, vision, values, brand personality, key audiences as well as the competitive landscape.

Out of this workshop we discovered that their key point of difference is that they are constantly striving to be ambassadors for their clients and the environment – by creating personalised, experience-rich, sustainable holidays. Along with the rest of the information gathered in the brand workshop, this set the stage for us to begin working on their logo design.

We started by creating a mood board.  Mood boards are a fantastic tool as it allows both the designer and the client to get on the same page in terms of style, colour and feel.

Pure Journeys Mood Baord

This logo process was a fun one. We started with three initial concepts, which were refined a couple of times, before a small detail from the third concept was highlighted to spring us into an entirely new design.

The main design feature of the Pure Journeys logo is the map pin/compass icon.  This was initially a secondary design feature of a concept, but the client asked us to bring this into the fore.

So we did. By taking this stylized map pin shape, and flipping it around, we were able to create a simple, yet effective, mark. The icon represents:

  1. The letter P
  2. The letter J
  3. Tee journey (compass icon)
  4. Support & connection
  5. Sustainability.


The icon was made into a pattern, and was also provided as individual shapes so it can be used with versatility.

Pure Journeys Business Card Mockup

The primary variation of the logo is the stacked version, with the icon to the left. We also provided a more vertical option, with the logo on the top, and then a horizontal variation where the text is on one line. 

Options for use on light and dark backgrounds were provided, as well as black and white variations.


Pure Journeys Logo Versions On Light
Pure Journeys Logo Versions On Blue

For brand colours, we needed to create a palette that referenced both the New Zealand & the Australian natural landscape.

We did this by using rich forest greens, alongside deep, earthy oranges and vibrant blues. You can see some of the reference images we used in the original mood board.

Pure Journeys Brand Colour Palette

The pin shape can be used to create a sense of scale and journey by overlaying it onto an image.

You can see this in these bus stop posters – the map pin is almost like a rainbow – however instead of occupying a horizontal plane across the image, by making the start point in the foreground, and the end point on the horizon, it makes the shape span a distance and tell a story.

Old and new.

Old Logo And New Logo Design

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