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Click 'n' Create - Logo Design

An exciting, playful logo design for a brand new Rotorua cake company.

Click ‘n’ Create owner Marion’s goal is to bring fun & excitement with cake!

Marion has created a range of vibrant & interactive cakes, that can be customized by customers.  The idea is to make amazing cakes that take the hassle out of going back and forth with a custom cake maker – Click ‘n’ Create makes it easy & fun to order cakes online!

Project Details


With a tagline like “Let’s Celebrate!” we knew this was going to be a fun and playful logo.

As the name alone – “Click ‘n’ Create” – does not give any hints as to what the company does, we really wanted to ensure the main logo visually communicated that quickly, simply and easily.

We used a cake icon as the basis for the logo – keeping the design clean and simple, to add a professional tone to the logo, and make it very scalable. Immediately, the viewer now associates the name, with cakes.

And what says ‘celebrate’ better than confetti! To add some fun and playfulness to the logo, we added confetti exploding from the top of the cake. 

The fonts are playful, but still professional. Bold clean lines means the logo is clear and easy to read. A script font has been paired with a playful sans serif font in all caps.

Click N Create Cake Logo Rotorua

Then we created a range of responsive logo variations. 

We gave Marion a text-only version, a horizontal logo variation to use when the primary, tall logo won’t suit (like for a website header), and a badge logo – for stickers and additional branding opportunities. We also supplied every variation without the tagline, for versatility and ease of use. The brand icon is made up of the letters ‘CC’, interlocking.

Click 'n' Create Branding Concepts Rotorua Logo Variations
Click N Create Cake Logo Rotorua Sticker Design

Variations with white text were provided, in case the colour logo needs to be used on a black background. And variations in just black and white were also provided so that there is a logo file for any use!

We also created a pattern from the confetti, that could be used online or in packaging.

Marion wanted a beautiful pastel colour palette for the brand. We decided that these lighter tints could be used as backgrounds and throughout the brand, but  we introduced darker shades of those colours to use in the logo itself, to improve contrast.

Click N Create Brand Style Guide Colours
Click And Create Rotorua Cake Design
Click And Create Rotorua Cake Design Logo
Click 'n' Create Rotorua Logo Designer Badge Logo Colour

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