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Business Card Design – Nourished For Life

Nourished For Life Business Card Design Wanaka Graphic Designer

Client: Nourished For Life, Wanaka

Brief: To create a bold, colourful business card for a new Wanaka company creating nutritious ready meals, delivered to you.

After completing Nourished For Life’s branding, the next item we moved onto was their business cards. I think business cards are pretty exciting as they are often the first tangible thing you have for your new venture. You can create a card that truly represents the essence of your company and start sharing it around. It’s often when the new business feels real!

For the back we used the green watercolour background texture with the white version of the logo, then on the front of the card we kept it simple with the colour version of the logo, and simple, centre-aligned text.

The thing we did do to make the cards extra special was add a raised spot gloss on the logo- front and back We chose to print the cards with MOO as we have always been very impressed with the quality of the cards and the finishes you can achieve for a very reasonable cost.

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