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Parallel Build Ltd Rotorua Builder Logo Design Envy Web And Design

Client: Parallel Build LTD, Rotorua

Brief: To create a new logo for an existing Rotorua building company – Parallel Build LTD.

Harley and Keegan from Parallel Build LTD approached us with a clear idea of where they wanted to take their branding in this redesign. They had an example of a logo that they liked, and had mocked up a quick outline of what they wanted their new logo to include and look like.

We worked with their draft design which featured a round, stamp-style logo mark, tool illustrations and their tagline ‘building the future, restoring the past’. We refined the design to include three tools in an icon playing on the concepts of precision & order. The lettering used is clean and bold, and the iconic stamp motif has created a modern and appealing logo.

To take it further, we provided two horizontal logo variations, as well as a simplified submark. Having multiple brand marks is key to having a truly versatile brand that allows you to create variation in how you connect with your customers across various touch points.

For colour we went with black and white. The logo will be used on black uniforms and it will be sign-written onto silver company vehicles. We made sure to provide reversed out options in white for all logo variations, so that it can easily be placed onto a black or dark background.

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