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Logo Design - BCM Solutions

BCM Solutions specialises in construction management by providing an experienced project engineer well versed in large scale construction projects in New Zealand.

Ryan Bayley approached us to create a logo for his company that would clearly convey the  quality & capabilities of his work.  We wanted the brand to convey his company values which included innovation, cutting edge and trust – as well as showing that the nature of his work is solving complex construction issues in an easy, timely & professional manner – leaving a lasting legacy for his clients.

Project Details

BCM Solutions

During the sketching phase we created a simple shape from the evolution of a spanner. This became the building block for the logo; the shape being rotated and stacked to form the icon for BCM.

For typography, we chose a bold font to convey professionalism, trust, dependability.

Bcm Logo Construction Rotorua Envy Web And Design Spanner Icon Desvelopment
Bcm Logo Construction Rotorua Envy Web And Design
Bcm Auckland Logo

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