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Functional Fertiliser, Rotorua

Functional Fertiliser is a New Zealand company based in Rotorua, that develops unique soil improvers for farmers.

The team at Functional Fertiliser believe that soil health coupled with effective farm management is the key to success. Soil health has a major impact on stock, crops and financial performance – and their three products can play a key part in soil health and efficiency.

Project Details


Functional Fertiliser already had a WordPress website when they approached us. However, it was dated, with the old narrow design, and sidebar on every page.

This meant that we were able to start the website with a backup of their existing site – allowing all historical blog posts and uploads to come through. From here, we applied a brand new theme and page builder and created a modern, brand-aligned, welcoming site for potential clients to use.

For the design, we used the brand colours from their logo – lime green and forest green.

This set the tone for a bold design, with big colour-blocked areas. We also took cues from their logo when choosing fonts for the website. For headings, we chose a chunky, rounded serif font, and paired that with a simple sans serif font for body copy and calls to action.

As the client desired the website to be informational, rather than transactional, we set the products out as pages – and designed them to be as informative as possible. Each product page holds key information up the top, along with an information sheet that can be downloaded. Further information is then set put below this – with another opportunity for the information sheet for be downloaded at the bottom.

We then also mimicked the functionality you may see on an e-commerce website, by adding a ‘Related Products’ section at the very end to encourage movement through the website.

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