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Barron Imports - E-Commerce Web Redesign

The new owners of Tauranga company Barron Imports approached us for advice on how to improve and maximise the existing company e-commerce website. 

Although the website was dated in design, it was built on a solid WordPress platform running Woo Commerce, so we were able to utilise the existing framework for a cost-effective full redesign, using the existing theme and page builder.

Project Details

Furniture & Homewares

To begin the website redesign project, we first addressed the company branding.

The existing logo was simple & timeless, but the associated fonts and styling did not resonate with the new owners, or project the right image. Together we created a new brand style for Barron Imports that better suited the new owners, and positioned the shop at a higher end of the furniture & homewares market.

We took the existing dark, dusky blue shade used in the logo, and paired it with a complimentary colour palette of warm browns, cool greys and pops of teal.

For fonts, we chose a classic serif font, and matched it with a simple sans serif. Together this creates a luxury feel for the website and any associated marketing materials. 

Barron Imports Branding Colour & Typography Final

Once we had established the new brand style, we could apply it to the e-commerce website redesign.

We used the dark blue for text, buttons and the footer background. The warm brown shades were used for calls to action, some text and also buttons. The teal is used sparingly to grab attention for things like Sale call outs.

We changed everything on the website – from the header, navigation and footer, to the product listings, page layouts, checkout forms, right through to the customer emails – to ensure a cohesive brand experience for customers.

The website also runs wholesale software to sell to their wholesale customers, as well as retail customers. Consideration has been taken to ensure this works well.

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The screenshots below show what the Barron Imports website looked like before the redesign.

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