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Client: God Conversations, Sydney, Australia

Brief: To rebuild an existing WordPress website, to attract a greater audience, allow more flexibility and create a greater marketing platform for awareness, sales and promotion.

We first met Tania from God Conversations a few years ago, but when our paths crossed again last year, when she came to Wanaka for a skiing holiday in 2018, naturally her website came up in conversation. A blog-focused website – with posts making up the homepage – the website had served her well, but it was now dated, and she and her team felt it was time to refresh the site and create a new website that would allow for a greater platform to help more people through her ministry, as well as create more sales through the ecommerce side of the business.

A new, modern website design, an easy-to-use ecommerce shop and a more visually appealing site was discussed and working together using the existing brand colours and design elements, we created a bold, appealing website design.

Tania and her colleague Jenny had a great eye for detail, so we refined the website design down until it looked just right to them, as well as communicated all the relevant information clearly and easily for visitors.

As well as the main top navigation, we featured side menus for certain areas of the website to help users discover information and flow through the website.

Sales focused pages are now far more visual, with what were large chunks of text that are now broken up with varying font sizes, weights and background colours. Images also feature more prominently in the design, and the website utilises the full screen width.

For the first month of the new website, the average session duration increased 81%, almost doubling, and the bounce rate improved by 12%. Page views also increased by 41%, and the average pages per session went up as well by 35%*.

One year on, the website hits had increased 70% on the same time as the year previous, when Tania and Jenny began talking about the need for a website redesign.

Website design and development can be a highly stressful enterprise. However Envy Web+Design made it easy. They were efficient, thorough, helpful and professional every step of the way. We love the result! The advantage of Envy Web+Design is that their team incorporates both the creative design and the technical elements, which makes it easy to get what you are looking for. Highly recommended!

– Tania Harris, God Conversations


*Compared to the month prior to the new website launching.

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