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Mobile Website Design Wanaka

All of our websites are enabled for mobile

Making sure your website operates well on devices such as mobile phones and tablets is important, as it could make the difference in whether or not you gain a customer's attention and their business.

Responsive Web Design (Layout)

Responsive web design, "RWD" is an approach to constructing websites to provide a better user experience across a wide range of devices; from mobile phones to desktop computers, allowing for different screen sizes. We do this as standard with all of our website designs. If your business needs a more comprehensive mobile layout, then we recommend talking to us about building a custom Adaptive Design.

  • Smartphone + Tablet Compatible
  • Responsive Layout
  • No extra development cost

Adaptive Websites

Adaptive websites refer to websites designed specifically for the intended mobile device (eg: – specifically designed to automatically redirect users when viewing Facebook on a mobile device, compared with which is the default view when viewed on a computer or tablet).

  • Smartphone + Tablet Specific
  • Responsive Layout
  • Specialised to the mobile device user and their unique needs
  • Mobile Performance Optimization

Demonstration of actual responsive implementation for Envy Design website. Please Note: Mobile presentation on Desktops isn't 100% accurate due to DPI; for a better quality example please visit on your mobile device.

There are 7.3B mobile devices on earth , but only 7B people.

Why enable your website for mobile devices

  • Smartphones are now outselling PCs
  • Reach your audience on the go
  • Mobile devices & smartphones in particular are used differently to laptops, desktops etc. A mobile enabled site can allow for a customized user experience to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Adaptive or Responsive Layout - This comes down to a number of factors, particularly cost, time, website content and business model. Some businesses would not see much benefit in a fully mobile enabled web application, whereas others will.

Contact us today to see how we can increase your businesses exposure through mobile development.

More Information: : What is the difference between responsive and adaptive web design Responsive web design RWD versus Adaptive web design AWD

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