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Analysis & Design

Plan, Build, Improve.

Let us help define your needs

Envy Design offers services to help you define, implement and create future proof software. Requirements Discovery and Analysis let us know the extent of your requirements, define outcomes and propose opportunities.

We then design your system, defining required inputs, outputs, database models allowing us to make predictions and create a roadmap for hardware and software selection.

Once the decisions have been made, we follow the architecture and milestones to get the project developed in time and on budget.

We provide a full range of services, from specification and consultation to graphic design, software engineering and server management.

Understanding of what can be achieved by software can be a liberating experience for business owners - providing fertile ground for growth.

Off-the-shelf-solutions can be rigid, requiring you to adapt your processes to theirs. If you want to scale your business quickly, build is the way to go.

Five Talent CEO - Preston Callicott

Software & Website Development Life Cycle

There are a series of steps that we undertake on a website project. Every project starts with information gathering and planning. This is where we discover what your business needs and work on a plan for your website. During the planning phase, we bring together all of our research (involving things such as company purpose, goals, content, design aesthetic and target audience) and establish the site map and layout of the website.

Next is the design phase. Working with information we have gathered and with your target market in mind, we create design concepts for your website. These will combine great aesthetic along with functionality that will allow users to move throughout your site easily and freely. At the stage, we will ask for your feedback and set the overall design for the site before we move into the build.

We then move into the implementation phase, this is when the website is created. We will take all of the individual graphic elements and design cues from the design mockups and construct the website, add all the content and images and create the SEO data. Near the end of this phase we will move into testing and show you the website to make any final adjustments before it goes live.

Once the website is live, we then move into the maintenance phase. Ongoing maintenance comes in the form of regular core upgrades, updates, image optimization for SEO and more. Maintenance is crucial to ensure that your website is running optimally and it gives you the opportunity to review the website and make sure that it is performing for your business how you need it to.

If you discover that your website could be doing more for your business, then we return to the planning phase, and see how we can implement changes to improve it. Your website is a fantastic business tool and investment, so we want to help ensure that it is working for you.

Continuous Creative Development

Systems Development Life Cycle

"Viewing your website as an asset that needs to be maintained & with opportunities
will have a massive impact on how succcessful it is." - Nathan

On time and on budget Terms, In time and On budget is specific to a number of variables, including change requests and technology shifts, we endeavor to meet all defined Milestones

Other Services


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