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Managed Hosting

Fast, secure, reliable servers maintained by professionals who know your business and expectations.

Hassle free web hosting

In short, Hassle free web hosting. We provide a number of hosting management services to ensure your businesses website is running. Bringing performance knowledge from large scale apps allows us to provide a competitive edge with performance over large scale hosting operations, this tailored environment allows for more complex deployments to be managed and maintained by IT Professionals.

Linux or Windows, MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server we are at home with all modern technologies. Performance of servers matter as the modern web user requires a premium web service, these costs (TCO) increase for business, outsourcing these requirements provides you with a competitive advantage by keeping costs down whilst not compromising on performance or options for scalability.

33% of users will leave a website to buy from a competitor if the site loaded too slowly.

There are many hosting options available, however without the right expertise you could be selling yourself short, the web is full of ill-configured websites and servers costing owners millions of dollars.

Google was so concerned about the performance of the web they implemented a series of tools to communicate where pages needed performance improvements highlight items including: Server Response time, CSS, images, compression, script and resource loading amoung other items.

Thats where we come in...

Faster Page Loads = Completed Orders
Envy offers low cost hosting with Premium performance.

Manage Hosting; Our Concept

We manage the site for you on fast servers, configured to ensure optimized performance, on cloud based servers which if required can be upgraded in a matter of minutes.

  • Hands on Knowledge of your website.
  • Proxies - Better security and performance.
  • SSL - Better security, available upon request.
  • Windows or Linux - Options for almost any website, online shop, web application or web service
    • Dedicated Servers
    • Fast Processors & Heaps of RAM
    • SSDs - Solid State Drives
  • MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server database options
  • Security - Secure options for Server security.
  • Low Cost - Its less work for us to manage our own Servers than to use a Third party, we don't have to worry about a myriad of added components for every situation just the components we need for your website.
  • Performance - Hosting companies squish websites into servers "Chicken Caged Websites", to maximize profit, this means for example a Wordpress site you can have as little as 16MB of RAM for the website this can mean slower performance for your site. We like to think of our sites as free range, with enough space for them to perform to the best of their ability, new gen CPUs, fast disk drives, lots of RAM and fast networks together with some cleaver configurations allow us to offer fast websites.
  • Free Time - No sleepless nights wondering how to fix a problem or waiting for an IT representative to get back to you. Let us know the problem and we will fix it.
  • Version Control - We know where EVERY change has occurred. This helps us to locate and fix errors FAST, incremental changes allow for fast deployment on fast equipment.
  • Backups - We manage the backups
  • Logs, Logs and more Logs - We collect data on our web servers, databases, CPUs, RAM and Disks to allow us to locate issues and improve performance.
  • 24/7 Monitoring -
  • Upgrade Schedule - where always looking for ways to improve performance, including introducing new technologies, software and hardware upgrades. In the past year Envy has implemented a number of performance improvements gaining as much as 300% performance increase. Over the Christmas period we increased a number of areas of our webservers, all with more RAM and SSD options for all sites offering an instant and noteable performance boost - Jan 2017.

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