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Hand Lettering

Envy design/Brave and Brogue Handlettering Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

If you are after something completely unique for your logo, website or branding, have a chat to us about custom hand lettering.

Through Brave + Brogue, Michelle creates custom hand lettered prints, commisions pieces and lettering for branding and products. The wonderful thing about hand lettering is that it makes your logo or branding one of a kind. Sometimes with fonts (especially the good ones) you will find they pop up frequently.

As people who work with fonts on a daily basis, we will often see the same fonts being used time and time again. generally this is not a huge problem (hey, if it looks good and suits the project, then we use it!) but when it comes to branding and product labelling in particular, you might want to have something totally unique.

That is where hand lettering is extremely valuable.

Our hand lettering design process.

Before we embark on a hand lettering project, we will have a chat with you about the style of lettering you are after and the look you are wanting to achieve. Depending on the desired look, Michelle will then create concepts by hand from either brush and ink, pencil or brush pen.

We will then present these to you, make alterations based on your feedback, then finalise the lettering digitally to create a polished look. We provide you with files suitable for print and web, as well as a style guide document outlining the correct usage of your new logo.

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At Envy Design we are passionate about helping businesses create a beautiful, compelling and cohesive logo and brand.

Please contact us to discuss the logo and design packages and to be sent a full outline of the logo design process.

In addition to your logo, you will receive a brand style guide, final files supplied in formats for all uses (EPS, jpg, PDF and PNG).

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Web Design

No matter what sort of website you are after, we can help. Whether it be static, dynamic, ecommerce or custom development. We have extensive knowledge in software development for web in a range of commercial industries.

We believe good Website Design is more than just the way it looks. Great Software Development & Web Design requires understanding of the available technologies and their respective limitations, the business or organization and the technological vocabulary of the users.

Logo design Rotorua, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand and the World

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