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  • Brochure Design - Fusion Natural Health Clinic

    16 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Fusion Natural Health Clinic, Wanaka, Otago Brief: To create a trifold brochure to promote the clinic, as well as a new range of Wellness Packages that were being launched into the market. Colours and imagery were to be taken from the logo (mint green, leaf icon). Working with a PR agency Ellipsis Creative , we created this trifold brochure for Wanaka based Naturopath, Herbalist & Nutritionist Nikki Sumner. She wanted a bright, fresh new brochure that she would be able to give new and potential clients. The background was kept large..

  • Website Design & Implementation - Jody Direen

    12 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Jody Direen, Musician, Wanaka Brief: To design and build a website and online shop to showcase Jody Direen as a musician, as well as sell music and merchandise and promote tour dates. Jody needed a modern, functional and fully responsive website to be able to easily manage her online presence, as well as market her music, concert tours and merchandise. We started by creating a landing page while we built the website, that featured the most recent video single, a facebook feed for dynamic content and a newsletter sign up.  The ..

  • CD Cover Design - Jody Direen

    12 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Jody Direen, Musician, Wanaka Brief: To create an album cover and CD artwork for her new album Breaks Out. Jody needed to quickly turn around the design of the cover art for her album Breaks Out, to have it ready for sale on her Summer 2014/2015 concert tour.   We used images featuring a luxurious, textural background with silver and gold tones, and reflected these in the design; using her logo in black, with a gold glitter highlight, and choosing a bold, brush stroke style font for the name of the album. The overall feel of t..

  • Website Design & implementation - BizFlicks

    10 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: BizFlicks, Auckland Brief: To design and build a new, modern website that would effectively portray the company's attributes of professionalism, reliabilty and high quality video production services. BizFlicks is part of The Flicks Ltd and is a video production company specializing with online videos. They are able to produce any type of video for an organisation's product or service, such as Business Profiles, Testimonies/ Case Studies, Training/Educational, Events or they can customise a unique video to a client's individual needs. Th..

  • Logo Design - Fika

    10 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Fika Swedish Coffee Break, Wanaka Brief: To create a new logo for a company rebrand (from Nordavia to Fika) that had a simple black and white colour scheme, with a bold look. Wanaka specialist bakeshop Fika wanted a logo that would represent a strong brand to the market place for their bakeshop, as well as their high-end wholesale biscuit market.  Called Fika (a concept in Swedish culture which translates to mean "to drink coffee", often accompanied with pastries or sandwiches) we needed to not only portray the compa..

  • Business Card & Packaging Design - Pembroke Patisserie

    08 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Pembroke Patisserie, Wanaka Brief: To design business cards to fit with the overall branding of the company. Pembroke Patisserie wanted their business cards to reflect the overall brand identity of their company. They sell their baking and pastries at the Wanaka Farmers Market, and package them in brown paper bags or boxes - that are either stamped with, or sealed with, the logo. The business card was printed onto a heavy brown card, and the content was designed to look like as thought it was stamped on. Their logo featured both front a..

  • Logo Design - Pembroke Patisserie

    08 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Pembroke Patisserie, Wanaka Brief: To create a logo for a new artisan bakery in Wanaka, New Zealand, who create quality, authentic hand crafted French pastries and desserts. Kirsty and Matt from Pembroke Patisserie wanted a logo that had a vintage and French feel about it, and conveyed feelings of luxury and quality. The logo also needed to be monochromatic, so that it could be used as a stamp on brown paper bags, and as a sticker to seal boxes. They wanted to use a script font and have a curly letter 'P'. The final design use..

  • Website Design & Implementation - Wanaka Fine Art Gallery

    08 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Wanaka Fine Art Gallery, Wanaka, Otago Brief: To design and build a new website to replace an existing out-of-date and impractical one. The new owners of the gallery, Peter and Lyz Dozzi, inherited a website when they bought the business. The website was old, and also required a web developer to make updates and changes to the site. For a growing gallery business, this was adding additional cost, and meaning simple changes could not be implemented quickly or easily. We discussed with them building a brand new, comprehensive website that..

  • Logo Design - Waterfall Equestrian Centre

    07 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Waterfall Equestrian Centre, Wanaka Brief: To create a new logo for a renamed company, that included elements reflecting either the location, the surroundings or equestrian imagery. Recently renamed, and moving to a new venue on Mount Aspiring Road in Wanaka, Waterfall Equestrian Centre (formerly Timber Creek Equestrian Centre) wanted a new logo to represent their company. The brief included a desire to see a representation of Waterfall Creek (a local landmark, visible from this new location) in the logo, as well as some other hors..

  • Poster & Flyer Design - Northlake Junior Duathlon

    06 Feb 2015 Envy Design

    Client: Northlake Junior Duathlon, Wanaka Brief: To create a poster, booklet, flyers and entry forms for a kids duathlon event. Branding needed to be family-friendly and fun. To create the look for the Northlake Junior Duathlon materials, we took a photo of the venue (the Northlake subdivision) and used that to create the shapes of the mountains in the background. We wanted to represent the different types of sports included in the race, as well as the age of the competitors in a visual way - so created three silhouette figures to represent eac..

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