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  • Logo Design - Pristine Cleaning - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - Pristine Cleaning

    25 Jul 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Pristine Homes, Wanaka Brief: To create a fresh, clean and modern logo for a new cleaning and Airbnb/holiday home management and services company. Wanaka company Pristine Homes asked us to create a bright and fresh logo for their new company.  We wanted the logo to reflect the high standard of quality and service that Pristine Homes represents - and early on in the logo development stage we landed on stars as a key icon to incorporate into the design. In the hand sketching phase, this concept was a strong favour..

  • Website Design - Lawrence Golf Club - Envy Design Rotorua

    Website Design - Lawrence Golf Club

    25 Jul 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Lawrence Golf Club, Lawrence, Otago Brief: To create a new responsive website for the historic Otago golf club, to promote the club and their modern clubrooms for venue hire. Lawrence Golf Club is the second oldest golf club in Otago, established in 1894. They had never had a website before, so one was needed to create an online presence for the club, take membership applications online, and also to promote the clubrooms for hire. The team at Lawrence Golf Club gave us a lot of freedom to establish a look and feel for the club..

  • Logo Design - Basecamp Adventures - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - Basecamp Adventures

    06 Jun 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Basecamp Adventures, Wanaka Brief: To create a unique identity for an adventure tourism company operating in Wanaka & Queenstown. Basecamp Adventures is the new master brand that encompasses a number of existing companies offering active adventure experiences in the Queenstown-Lakes District. Basecamp Adventures offers a range of experiences including indoor rock climbing, outdoor rock climbing, snowshoe tours, guided walks, family adventures and private guiding. The existing businesses are currently operating under differ..

  • Custom Web Application - Marketing Mate - Envy Design Rotorua

    Custom Web Application - Marketing Mate

    09 May 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Marketing Mate, Australia Brief: To upgrade the existing interactive 10 Step Marketing Plan Generator into a web application. Marketing Mate approached us with a marketing planning business that allowed people easily create marketing plans tailored to their business. Marketing Mate had an existing interactive 10 Step Marketing Plan Generator in PDF form, that people were able to purchase to create a customized marketing plan. They employed Envy Web + Design to upgrade the system by custom building the Marketing Mate Web Application..

  • Ecommerce Website Design - GEORGE & EDI - Envy Design Rotorua

    Ecommerce Website Design - GEORGE & EDI

    09 May 2018 Envy Design

    Client: GEORGE & EDI, Boutique Fragrance Company, Wanaka Brief: To build a new website to improve performance, functionality and create a beautiful shopfront for a growing Wanaka-based business. GEORGE & EDI came to Envy Web + Design in December 2015 needing a new website to take their ecommerce business to the next level. Rose and Sarah had an existing WIX website that they had built themselves and it had worked well for them for the first four years of their business. But they had come to a stage where they needed to bring the we..

  • Logo Design - Priority Transfers - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - Priority Transfers

    10 Apr 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Priority Transfers, Waikato  Brief: To create a professional, crisp and sharp logo for a new business for transporting patients to ACC appointments. The team at Priority Transfers needed a logo to represent their company to their target market of ACC Case managers who are responsible for organising and booking transport for patients who can’t make appointments by themselves. The brand needed to show a commitment to timeliness and professionalism. The client had some ideas around imagery relating to vehicles and cloc..

  • Website Design - Wanaka Presbyterian Community Church Centre - Envy Design Rotorua

    Website Design - Wanaka Presbyterian Community Church Centre

    20 Mar 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Wanaka Presbyterian Community Church Centre Brief: to create a modern, easy to navigate, mobile-friendly website for both their regular attendees as well as church visitors. The team at Wanaka Presbyterian Community Church Centre approached us to update their website. It was not only outdated and needing a refresh, but church-goers found the site confusing to navigate which was preventing them from using it to its full potential. We were asked to create a site that was first and foremost practical, easy to navigate and clear. ..

  • Logo Design - New Zealand Wedding Directory - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - New Zealand Wedding Directory

    21 Feb 2018 Envy Design

    Client: The New Zealand Wedding Directory, Auckland Brief: To create a new logo to bring a fresh, updated look and feel to the company, while appealing to brides, grooms and advertisers. New owners Melissa and Tane contacted us to refresh the branding of the New Zealand Wedding Directory .  We discussed the look they were after and they wanted something modern, professional and recognisable. As part of the discovery phase for logo design, we asked Melissa to show us some logos she liked. One was a brand that had a clever icon whi..

  • Logo Design - Major & Minor - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - Major & Minor

    18 Jan 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Major and Minor Wedding Hire, Wanaka Brief: To create elegant branding for a new wedding hire company in Wanaka. Sophie and Aubury from Major and Minor have collected a large range of up-to-date, on trend hire items and wanted a logo that would convey this to their customers. Sophie wanted the logo to consist of a mix of script and bold lettering, so we hand lettered the word 'minor' and chose a simple, sans serif bold font for the word 'major'. These were paired with an elegant ampersand to tie them together. To convey w..

  • Website Design - Redwood Joinery - Envy Design Rotorua

    Website Design - Redwood Joinery

    06 Sep 2017 Envy Design

    Client: Redwood Joinery, Rotorua Brief: To create a website for new Rotorua joinery company Redwood Joinery - to serve as a marketing tool showcase their work and what services are available. Shane and Karlene from Redwood Joinery approached us to build them a modern, easy-to-use website for their start-up business specialising in residential and commercial quality kitchens, offices, fit-outs and custom joinery in the Rotorua and greater Bay of Plenty region. The company offers a start to finish service - from design, manufacture ..