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  • Website Design - Elecnet, Wanaka

    28 Jul 2016 Envy Design

    Client: Pete Cartlidge at Elecnet, Wanaka Brief: To create an easy-to-use, vibrant, modern and mobile-friendly website for Wanaka-based internet installer and electrical company Elecnet. We first worked with Pete on his branding  and created a bold, colourful logo that represented his two key services - internet installations and electrical work. This logo and the supporting marketing collateral were the starting point for creating the look of the website. We used the key colours of oranges and blues, supported with dark gre..

  • Logo Design - This Is It Trademarks

    19 Jul 2016 Envy Design

    Client: This Is It Trademarks, Wanaka Brief: To create a new logo for a Wanaka-based company that will be helping people register their trademarks. John from This Is It Trademarks approached us to create a logo for his new business. The brief was to create a corporate logo with a professional finish. One of the design ideas John wanted us to explore, and the option that was chosen in the end, was a wax seal icon. We created a deep red seal icon featuring the company name as well as the letters TM in a hand lettered style. We chose a serif font ..

  • Hand Lettered Logo Design - Debra Fallowfield

    07 Jul 2016 Envy Design

    Client: Debra Fallowfield, Contemporary Fine Jeweller, Dunedin Brief: To create a hand lettered logo  based loosely on a casual script font. Debra approached Michelle through Brave + Brogue  to create a new logo for her. She came to us with a casual script font that she liked the look and feel of, and we used that as a starting point for her logo. From there we presented four different styles for her to choose from and we developed her favorite into a bold, flowing custom script. We created a stacked version of the logo, as well ..

  • Mother's Day Card - Free Download

    03 May 2016 Envy Design

    This Sunday is Mother's Day and over at Brave & Brogue  we've created a Mother's Day card that you can download. Handwritten in black ink, this has a simple "Happy Mother's Day" on the outside, then on the inside it says "You're Amazing Mum". This year we're gifting George & Edi candles  - luxurious candles perfect for mum.   DIRECTIONS 1. Click here to download the free Happy Mother's Day card. 2. Right-click on the image and select "save image as" and save to your desktop (or a folder of your choice) 3. Print out the im..

  • Website design - Everywoman Conference, C3 Church, Auckland

    30 Apr 2016 Envy Design

    Client: C3 Church, Ellerslie, Auckland. Brief: To create a single page website for their 2016 Everywoman Conference, based on the existing design and marketing collateral, to promote and sell tickets to the event. The design team at  C3 Church Auckland  has done it again, with a beautifully executed brochure promoting their 2016 womens' conference - Beloved. They asked us to put together a single page website to allow them to sell tickets and convey all the relevant information. We started with a Wordpress theme, and then di..

  • Website Design - All Things Baby

    29 Apr 2016 Envy Design

    Brief: To create a website to promote All Things Baby  - a Wanaka-based baby consulting service. Run by Belinda Smalls, and offering sleep consulting, antenatal and postnatal support as well as infant massage courses; the website also needed to be the place where Belinda's clients could purchase her packages. Belinda has a long history caring for infants. She has worked as a Plunket Nurse, a Registered Nurse in an Oncology and Haematology Ward and most recently she worked as a Neonatal Intensive care nurse. In 2015 she compl..

  • Website Design - Carry It

    12 Apr 2016 Envy Design

    Client: Carry It Brief: To create a website to present information about and purchase options for the Carry It tool - A Three In One Tool For Easy Transportation And Installation Of Sheet Materials. Carry It was designed by a New Zealand builder who saw the need to improve the way plasterboard is carried around the work site. When carrying plasterboard unaided, the wrists get put in very unnatural positions causing discomfort. The Carry It tool addresses this by keeping the hand in a natural position when holding onto t..

  • Logo & Brand Identity - The Lost Sock Laundry Service

    12 Apr 2016 Envy Design

    Client: The Lost Sock Laundry Service Brief: To create a fresh, modern but classic looking brand for a new Wanaka-based laundry service. Cheyenne from The Lost Sock Laundry Service came to me with a basic outline for the logo. She wanted a circular logo, with a stitched line and the colours needed to be a soft baby blue and a deep pink. Her initial creative for The Lost Sock Laundry Service Facebook page  was an image of a discarded sock hanging on a branch. I proposed that we turn that sock into an icon that could be used in the logo and ..

  • Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging for your Website

    02 Feb 2016 Envy Design

    Question: Should I have a blog on my website? Answer: Yes! If you have worked with us on your website, SEO or marketing, you will know that we always recommend having a blog. If you are still wondering why you should have a blog, we've pulled together some compelling statistics & reasons why having a blog is one of the best things you can do for the ongoing success of your website.   Blogging increases your website size, making it easier for people to find you online. The more you blog, the more pages Google has to ..

  • Website design - C3 Church, Auckland

    29 Jan 2016 Envy Design

    Client: C3 Church, Ellerslie, Auckland. Brief: To create a single page website for their 2016 Disciple Makers Conference, based on the existing design and marketing collateral. The design team at C3 Church Auckland  had already created a beautiful brochure for their 2016 Disciple Makers Conference, which was a stunning base to create the website from. We converted the printed materials into a single-page website to promote the event, provide all of the information and sell tickets. We started with a Wordpress theme, and then did some ..

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