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  • Website Design & Build - PC Revolution - Envy Design Rotorua

    Website Design & Build - PC Revolution

    18 May 2015 Envy Design

    Client: PC Revolution, Auckland Brief: To design a modern, international looking website to support a launch into the overseas market. PC Revolution  is a relatively new player in the tablet market, but they bring an impressive game to the table. They have already manufactured two tablets - a 10" tablet and an 8" tablet.  Starting at just $430 for their 8″ Tablet, PC Revolution punches far beyond their weight, and their tablets outstrip models in a similar price bracket.  Backed by Microsoft, through the..

  • Five Tips for using Facebook for Business - Envy Design Rotorua

    Five Tips for using Facebook for Business

    17 Mar 2015 Envy Design

    Facebook has become one of the cheapest and most effective way for businesses, large and small, to promote themselves and development engagement with their customers. There is something very special about people allowing you to communicate with them in a place where they are engaging socially with friends, discovering new things and sharing their lives. The first key to running an interesting & effective Facebook page for your business is understanding how Facebook works from a user’s point of view. If you are new to Facebook, spend s..