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Logo Redesign

  • Branding & Logo Design - Prestige Auto Valet - Envy Design Rotorua

    Branding & Logo Design - Prestige Auto Valet

    27 Apr 2021 Envy Design

    Client: Prestige Auto Valet, Rotorua Brief: To rebrand a family business to portray a bold, sleek and professional image to reflect the high quality of services. Daniel and Sofia approached us to rebrand their family business, that was started by Daniel's Father, so they could continue his legacy with a fresh, new image. Prestige Auto Valet is a family owned car valet business based in Rotorua. They provide the finest services for grooming and automotive detailing. At Prestige Auto Valet they take pride in their work and ensure every vehicle is..

  • Branding & Logo Design - Hanson Heating - Envy Design Rotorua

    Branding & Logo Design - Hanson Heating

    18 Feb 2021 Envy Design

    Client: Hanson Heating, Rotorua Brief: To create a brand new visual identity for an established Rotorua heating company, Rotorua Heating Solutions, for their rebrand to Hanson Heating. Lea-Ann from Rotorua Heating Solutions approached us to help with her rebrand to Hanson Heating. An established and trusted Rotorua company, the owners wanted to create a new brand identity around their name, which is synonymous with heating solutions in Rotorua. We wanted to create a logo that would be visually connected to the old logo, but more modern & up..

  • Website Redesign & Branding - Emily Adamson Photography - Envy Design Rotorua

    Website Redesign & Branding - Emily Adamson Photography

    21 Oct 2020 Envy Design

    Client: Emily Adamson Photography, Queenstown Brief: To improve search engine visibility, create a full & cohesive brand identity and design a modern, beautiful and compelling photography website. Emily is a passionate wedding photographer based near Queenstown who came to us to elevate her website presence, performance and complete her branding. Initially Emily approached us to improve her website performance. As part of the process, we helped her to change her website theme, and moved her onto our hosting platform. Once we had completed t..

  • Logo Design - My Healthy Place - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - My Healthy Place

    15 May 2020 Envy Design

    Client: My Healthy Place, Tauranga Brief: To create a modern, minimalist logo for a Naturopathic Clinic in Tauranga.  Steph, a qualified & registered naturopath, herbalist & nutritionist, from My Healthy Place takes a holistic & supportive approach to helping people create their healthiest self - specialising in women's hormone health, fertility, stress, fybromyalgia and self care. Through a naturopathic consultation Steph looks at every aspect of your health and your goals, creating an individual treatment plan and providing a..

  • Branding & Logo Redesign - Perrin Ag Consultants - Envy Design Rotorua

    Branding & Logo Redesign - Perrin Ag Consultants

    02 Apr 2020 Envy Design

    Client: Perrin Ag Consultants, Rotorua Brief: To redesign the original company logo - to take the company branding forward with a refreshed brand identity. The team at Perrin Ag approached us to help them undertake a full rebrand. The original logo was designed by the company founder over 10 years ago and the team wanted a modern, new logo that aligned with their company identity. We started with an in-house brand workshop, where key members of the team gathered to discuss brand values, target audience, purpose, brand personality, goals and mor..

  • Branding & Logo Design - Parallel Build Ltd - Envy Design Rotorua

    Branding & Logo Design - Parallel Build Ltd

    15 Oct 2019 Envy Design

    Client: Parallel Build LTD, Rotorua Brief: To create a new logo for an existing Rotorua building company - Parallel Build LTD. Harley and Keegan from Parallel Build LTD approached us with a clear idea of where they wanted to take their branding in this redesign. They had an example of a logo that they liked, and had mocked up a quick outline of what they wanted their new logo to include and look like. We worked with their draft design which featured a round, stamp-style logo mark, tool illustrations and their tagline ' building the future, rest..

  • Branding & Logo Design - Keke NZ Gift Store - Envy Design Rotorua

    Branding & Logo Design - Keke NZ Gift Store

    03 Dec 2018 Envy Design

    Client: Keke Store, formerly George's Wanaka Brief: To create a new name and logo for George's Wanaka, a gift shop selling NZ clothing and gifts, to take it forward with a fresh new image. Jayne from George's approached us to help her with the renaming and rebranding of her Wanaka gift shop George's. Started by her mum back in 1991, George's has been part of the Wanaka retail landscape for nearly 30 years, and Jayne wanted a fresh new look to take it into the next 30 years. Working with some initial suggestions from Jayne and her team, we brain..

  • Logo Design - New Zealand Wedding Directory - Envy Design Rotorua

    Logo Design - New Zealand Wedding Directory

    21 Feb 2018 Envy Design

    Client: The New Zealand Wedding Directory, Auckland Brief: To create a new logo to bring a fresh, updated look and feel to the company, while appealing to brides, grooms and advertisers. New owners Melissa and Tane contacted us to refresh the branding of the New Zealand Wedding Directory .  We discussed the look they were after and they wanted something modern, professional and recognisable. As part of the discovery phase for logo design, we asked Melissa to show us some logos she liked. One was a brand that had a clever icon whi..

  • Jodie Rainsford - Logo Design - Envy Design Rotorua

    Jodie Rainsford - Logo Design

    08 Apr 2017 Envy Design

    Client: Jodie Rainsford, Jodie Rainsford Photography Brief: To create a new logo to represent her photography business, with a fun, hand lettered design. Wanaka-based photographer Jodie Rainsford approached us to create a new hand lettered logo for her business. We discussed some logos she likes, and decided to go with an ink lettering logo. I created five different styles of logos for her to choose from, and then we refined the one she preferred in ink. The final stage was vectorizing the logo so that she has a fully resizeable logo for all us..

  • Hikobike - Logo Redesign - Envy Design Rotorua

    Hikobike - Logo Redesign

    01 Aug 2016 Envy Design

    Client: Hikobike, Auckland, New Zealand Brief: To redesign the existing Hikobike logo to be more sleek and modern. Brands evolve and change over time, and one of our clients - Auckland-based electric bike company Hikobike - decided to give their brand a new, more modern and streamlined look. In 2015 we created their logo  for them. The brief at that time was to create a script logo, so we modified a beautiful casual script font, also creating visual links to the Moari origins of it's name using the koru motif. Fast forward to 2016, an..