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Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Cake

Where The Wild Things Are Birthday Cake

Client: Mark and Angie, Wanaka

Brief: A 'Where The Wild Things Are' birthday bash was planned to celebrate Angie's 40th birthday, so I offered to create a themed cake suitable for a wild rumpus.

This post is a little different to the usual blog entry on our website, but this past week I have been neck-deep in a creative endeavour of a different sort to usual, creating a large Where The Wild Things Are birthday cake.

The only brief I got was that it needed to feed approximately 30 people, and I knew that the party hosts would be going all-out, so I wanted to make a cake that would live up to the rest of the party.

I did a lot of searching on Pinterest and decided to create a two layer, stacked cake with a forest and water scene, topped with a crown. I made the cake from my go-to chocolate cake recipe (this is not exactly the same, but close enough, my recipe does not include coffee) and made each tier from three layers of cake, sandwiched together with orange buttercream, and the outside was covered with marshmellow fondant (through trial and error, I now know that New Zealand bakers - you MUST use Pascall marshmallows. Every other brand I tried created a far inferior final product...)

I made the crown, the two monsters and Max five days before the party. For the characters, I cut their shapes from white fondant, and painted them with gel food colours, also adding some more coloured fondant for features (fur, eyes, noses, and Max's crown). This meant they were able to dry and be stable for cake assembly the night before the party.

After a marathon decorating session on the Friday night, with Nathan helping to cut out and attach the different fondant elements, we were pleased with the end result and it was a hit at the party.

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 3/30/2015 2:10:00 PM