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Website Design - Prestige Auto Valet

Website Design - Prestige Auto Valet

Client: Prestige Auto Valet, Rotorua

Brief: To create a premium looking website to promote Rotorua car cleaning and valet services.

After completing the branding for Prestige Auto Valet, the next step was to create a website for them. The company had never had a website before, so we started from a clean slate and created a brand new website design that reflected their new branding.

We wanted the website to feel premium, but also accessible. With minimal content, the new brand colours and some high quality images, we put a simple but effective site together. Easy to navigate - we started with four pages - Home, About, Services and Contact.

The website will grow with their business. The next step will be adding in a gallery page to present before and after imagery of their car valet work.

We also assisted with website copywriting for SEO, as well as as our standard foundational Search Engine Optimization work to improve performance and help them be discovered in Google.


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By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 5/17/2021 6:45:00 PM