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Website Design & Implementation - Wanaka Fine Art Gallery

Website Design & Implementation - Wanaka Fine Art Gallery

Client: Wanaka Fine Art Gallery, Wanaka, Otago

Brief: To design and build a new website to replace an existing out-of-date and impractical one.

The new owners of the gallery, Peter and Lyz Dozzi, inherited a website when they bought the business. The website was old, and also required a web developer to make updates and changes to the site. For a growing gallery business, this was adding additional cost, and meaning simple changes could not be implemented quickly or easily.

We discussed with them building a brand new, comprehensive website that achieved these business goals of being able to edit the website in-house, while also making the website much larger (number of pages) and user friendly (using tags and implementing a search function) to increase their presence on the web and open them up for more hits and hopefully sales conversions.

Design wise we stayed true to the existing colour scheme from the logo - black, white and gold- for the main features. We wanted the site to be simple to navigate, so included a left hand column when viewing the artwork. By optimizing the number of pages on the website (by giving every artwork its own page) we increased their exposure to search engines by over 3000%!

We now have feedback from the client that the number of visits and sales that have generated from the website has increased hugely.

The website is fully responsive, so can be viewed and easily navigated on any number of devices. 

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 2/8/2015 1:31:00 PM