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Website Design - Acapella Hair

Website Design - Acapella Hair

Client: Acapella Hair, Queenstown

Brief:  To create a professional & welcoming website for Queenstown hairdresser Jackie Moore that had movement and interaction as customers moved through it.⁠

Acapella Hair is owned by Curly Hair specialist Jackie, and is Queenstown’s only curly hair salon specializing in the unique needs of curly hair. Jackie has invested a lot of time and education into becoming a Curly hair specialist and now sees clients come from afar to get a professional, curly hair cut.

We wanted to make her a site that reflected the calibre of her work. Using the brand's existing colours of turquoise, black, gold, white along with some beautiful imagery & video - the final result was an eye-catching site. We also search engine optimised the site with a focus on curly hair cuts and colours as that is her main specialty.

The result was a fast, beautiful and high-performing website.




By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 3/10/2020 9:55:00 AM