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Logo Design - Spray It Green Hydroseeding

Logo Design - Spray It Green Hydroseeding

Client: Spray It Green - Hydroseeding, Nelson

Brief: To create a logo that would be highly recognisable, clean, sharp and evoke the concept of sustainability as well as portray a professional and trustworthy image.

As a new company, the Spray It Green - Hydroseeding logo is the starting point for establishing their brand. It needed to create interest and begin to educate the public about what hydroseeding is, and why it is the best option for new turf establishment.

Spray It Green - Hydroseeding clients will range from homeowners to large contracting companies, so the logo needed to appeal to both the residential and commercial markets.

The Spray It Green - Hydroseeding logo was created from the joining of the elements of grass, and water - represented by a droplet. The choice of colour stems from the colour of water (blue) with the colour of grass and sustainability (green).

The result is the profile of a water droplet, filled with blades of grass with fresh drops of water glistening on them. The grass seed is also represented either side of the word Hydroseeding.

There are five variations of the logo, a stacked and horizontal droplet logo, with and without a shadow, as well as a version with a strip of grass instead of the droplet. The logos are also created for use on either a very light, or very dark background.

Spray It Green - Hydroseeding's new website is currently under development and will be launched soon.

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 4/23/2015 1:22:00 PM