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Logo Design - Pure Freedom Skincare

Logo Design - Pure Freedom Skincare

Client: Pure Freedom Skincare, Christchurch

Brief: To create a logo for a new natural skincare range, which is predominantly made up of oils and butters (cocoa, shea, etc) without any chemical based preservatives or additives. 

Pure Freedom Skincare was a new natural and organic face and body skincare company that needed a logo to represent its values and products.

They wanted to stand out from other eco brands so did not want to use muted colours or dark backgrounds, and did not want an 'apothecary' feel. The branding needed to be clean, uncluttered and simple. The font needed to be unfussy and simple.

The final logo used a plain but stylized font, with two organic circles encompassing the text in black. We decided that a light background with a blue/green logo would represent the tone and feeling the client was after, while also standing out on packaging and marketing materials.  

In all other design collateral, we carried elements from the logo design through to form the brand identity. The organic 'pebble' shape was taken form the circles, and was used as a background for the logo on the business card, and the circle shapes were repeated to define spaces, and create visual interest.


By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 2/6/2015 12:32:00 PM