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Logo Design - Pembroke Patisserie

Logo Design - Pembroke Patisserie

Client: Pembroke Patisserie, Wanaka

Brief: To create a logo for a new artisan bakery in Wanaka, New Zealand, who create quality, authentic hand crafted French pastries and desserts.

Kirsty and Matt from Pembroke Patisserie wanted a logo that had a vintage and French feel about it, and conveyed feelings of luxury and quality. The logo also needed to be monochromatic, so that it could be used as a stamp on brown paper bags, and as a sticker to seal boxes. They wanted to use a script font and have a curly letter 'P'.

The final design used a custom font, created by merging a few different fonts together, with a simple serif font in all caps underneath. The logo was encompassed in a black circle, which works well as a seal on boxes and packaging. 


By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 2/8/2015 1:43:00 PM