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Logo Design - Allspec

Logo Design - Allspec

Client: Allspec Marine, Nelson

Brief: To create a logo for a newly re-branded company specialising in boat building, repairs and maintenance, composite production and custom parts. The logo needed to create a strong brand that represented the company's current services, but would also be able to represent any new services added in the future. 

Allspec Marine had recently renamed their company so they were looking for a fresh new logo and brand identity for the company. The logo needed to create instant brand recognition and confidence in their services. 

To fulfill the brief we presented them a range of options that used bold type faces, and simple graphic elements to create unique and instantly recognisable logos. The final logo chosen used a distinctive letter 'A' that was larger than the rest of the word, and could be used on its own once the brand had become well-known.

Blue was chosen as is repersents the ocean and boating, as well as protraying dependability, trust and strength.

Logo variations were supplied for the two arms of their business - Allspec Marine and Allspec Composites.



By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 2/1/2015 11:22:00 AM