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Hikobike - Logo Redesign

Hikobike - Logo Redesign

Client: Hikobike, Auckland, New Zealand

Brief: To redesign the existing Hikobike logo to be more sleek and modern.

Brands evolve and change over time, and one of our clients - Auckland-based electric bike company Hikobike - decided to give their brand a new, more modern and streamlined look.

In 2015 we created their logo for them. The brief at that time was to create a script logo, so we modified a beautiful casual script font, also creating visual links to the Moari origins of it's name using the koru motif.

Fast forward to 2016, and while developing branding for their new line of bikes, Oliver at Hikobike decided it was time for a change. We simplified the logo while keeping some graphical interest in the capital letter 'H'.

The 'H' needed to stand on its own as an emblem for the company - so it was important that it be more than just a regular letter H. I took the best part of the old logo - the swashes on the H - and itegrated them into the new logo. This meant I could keep the clean lines and sharp edges of the new logo, while blending in some identifiers from the old design.


The Logotype. In this form the name stands alone without support from any visual device, and the name is therefore emphasized."

- Don Bartels, designer.

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 8/1/2016 12:50:00 PM