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Custom Website Design & Development - Wisp

Custom Website Design & Development - Wisp

Client: Wisp, Wanaka

Brief: To create a Wishlist sharing website - where people could create and share their wishlists of what they would like as gifts. A key component of the website build was to be able to add items to the wishlists form other websites.

Wanaka resident Gemma Thompson approached us with a great website concept - to create a website to take away the hassle of buying gifts for friends and family! The idea was to create a website where people could create accounts and then create lists of the things they want and then share those with other people to avoid getting dud gifts. 

When Gemma approached us she was still in the development phase of the project. We collaborated with her to come up with a name, a logo and a brand identity for the website. 

Nathan created the custom website and designed the whole system; drawing on his past experiences building complex dynamic websites and his training in systems development & project management. We partnered with Gemma to give her not only design and coding services, but also a sounding board and collaborative partners for her new business venture.

Central to Gemma's business plan was the necessity of a Pinterest-style plugin on web browsers that would allow people to quickly and easily add items to their wishlists while browsing online shops. Nathan created bookmarklets for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari and plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

The design we kept simple, light, fun and functional - using a colour palette of blues, greys and yellows as the key colours - taken from the logo and branding guide.

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 12/30/2015 4:57:00 PM