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Branding - Elecnet

Branding - Elecnet

Client: Elecnet, Wanaka

Brief: To create a new logo and branding identity for Wanaka-based electrician Peter Cartlidge and his new company Elecnet.

Peter has been working in Wanaka with another company for many years, and wanted his new identity to be bold and fresh. His services include electrical work, internet installations (through Netspeed), wifi distribution & extensions and data cabling.

Elecnet's main services are electrical work and internet installations - so we wanted to create a logo that would visually convey those two elements. In each of the three concepts we presented the client with we used the icons of the wifi symbol and a lightening bolt to show these services.

Peter's colour of preference was blue, so we contrasted that with a bright orange. He wanted the logo to be used predominantly on a black background - but to be versatile enough to be used on a light or white background as well. The bright shades of blue and orange we chose work for both applications.

We created a primary logo in a stacked format with gradients. We also supplied the logo in flat colour, as well as in black and white. For further flexibility we also created a horizontal version to be used where space means a stacked logo would not fit.

Throughout the branding and marketing collateral, the Elecnet logo sits on assymetrical orange and black shapes. 



- Logo

- Business Cards

- Outdoor Signage

- Print Advertisements

- Letterhead Paper


Elecnet's new website is currently under development and will be launched soon.

By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 12/22/2015 4:33:00 PM