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Branding & Logo Design - Next Electric

Branding & Logo Design - Next Electric

Client: Next Electric, Rotorua

Brief: To create a logo and brand identity for new Rotorua electrical company Next Electric. A clean and simple logo, that conveys professionalism, organization and will stand out against local competitors.

Adam from Next Electric recently started his own company, where he could bring his skills and knowledge to Rotorua under his own brand. Not your average sparky; apart from being a qualified electrician, he is a certified Inspector with over 16 years' experience. He is also licensed under Unison, can do metering under Vercom and brings a wealth of experience from working on dairy farms.

Adam focuses on excellent communication, service and impeccable work - and wanted a memorable, professional brand that would communicate his high level of service.

Next Electric is a one-stop-shop electrical company - they work with private homeowners, business owners, hotel and motel management as well as investors and real estate rental management companies. 

For the logo we created a bold, graphic brand using the concept of networks. The icon is the letter N, which creates a concise visual mark that can be used independent from the word mark, as well as alongside it. The ‘N‘ brand mark and icon represents connections - electrical, network and personal.

The logo features a sans serif font to convey a sense of solidity, professionalism and trust. The font is crisp and bold with sharp edges representing precision and attention to detail.

The logo can be used on either the dark blue background, or the reversed variation can be use on white or light grey.

The brand colours are three shades of blue - used to create a fresh and vibrant gradient for the icon, paired with bold lettering.

We also created two business card designs for Next Electric - a simple one with contact details only, and then one with an appointment section on the back to leave for customers to keep track of the job.


Next Electric logo variations

Next Electric branding Rotorua

Next Electric branding Rotorua - Cap design

Next Electric branding Rotorua - business card design

Next Electric branding Rotorua - business card design

Next Electric branding Rotorua - logo variations

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By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 5/6/2020 8:33:00 PM