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Branding and Logo Design - Honest Wholefood Co

Branding and Logo Design - Honest Wholefood Co

Client: Honest Wholefood Co, Wanaka

Brief: To create branding for a new Wanaka-based online shop offering access to healthy, affordable, unprocessed foods with no excess waste and plastics. The logo needed to be earthy and represent trust, honesty and family. 

Honest Wholefood Co was started by sisters Nicola and Emma who have a passion for living as sustainably and waste free as they can. They wanted to be able to offer a zero waste, bulk foods shopping solution to people in Wanaka, but also people New Zealand wide.

They were driven by the awareness that in Wanaka it was difficult to try and live sustainably with minimal waste, and be able to access good quality bulk foods at a reasonable price. Together they wanted to offer a down-to-earth, friendly solution and be able to positively influence and help everyday families to be able to live more sustainably and reduce the waste that they produce.

The logo needed to portray the values of sustainability, honesty, authenticity, affordability as well as being down to earth and approachable. They wanted to stay away from looking like an intimidating, uptight or trendy brand, but one that people of all walks of life would feel welcome to shop at.

In our initial sketching phase we explored a range of imagery associated with the eco refill concept - grains, scoops, jars, plants, bags and more. The concept that stood out the most, and aligned with some of their supplied imagery, was the mason jar and leaf icon. We developed this and paired it with a rustic, serif font, that created a homely, relaxed feel for the logo.

We wanted to create a very versatile brand identity for Honest Wholefood Co, so we supplied five variations that they could use - a primary stacked logo, a secondary, horizontal logo for use primarily on the website, then three other logos including a lovely round version that they have used effectively as a stamp, social profile photo and also cleverly printed on jar lids. The brand icon and submark are simplified versions of the logo that can be used when a smaller mark is needed, or they simply want to be able to reinforce the logo on marketing material, without repeating the same logo variation.







"Michelle has been absolutely amazing to work with on our new business logo design and branding. She is highly skilled at what she does and created us a logo which was so well aligned with our visions for our brand - we are stoked. She makes the whole process so easy, quick and nothing is an issue. Would highly recommend to anyone wanting stand out design work done. Thank you so much again Michelle"

- Nicola, Honest Wholefood Co


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By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 7/26/2019 12:34:00 PM