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Branding & Logo Design - Bearded Buffalo

Branding & Logo Design - Bearded Buffalo

Client: Bearded Buffalo, Auckland

Brief: To create a bold new logo for a company selling outdoor & camping gear.

Trevor approached us to create a brand for an outdoor good company that will sell high-end, quality outdoor gear. Built to last - Trevor wanted to use the icon of a bearded buffalo for the logo.

We created an original buffalo design using a bold black and white design. This created a strong silhouette for the logo, and makes it easy to print on a variety of gear and materials - be it wood, plastic, metal or fabric. 

Using a photograph we created the basic shape of the head, and then added highlights to form the horns, face, snout and mouth. The mouth has been edited to look more friendly, by shaping it in more of a smile than a frown. The eyes were also made bigger to add to the approachable feel.

The font is a stylised, bold sans serif, with minimal contrast in the letting shapes, and some interesting angles at the end of the letter-forms. It is bold, strong and confident - but the styling is modern and simple. The text is in all caps to present a strong and grounded feel. The font has enough style to be able to sit without the icon if needed, and still have a unique identity.

A horizontal design was created, as well as a badge and brand icon. Reversed files were also created so that the logo could also sit on a black background.

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By Michelle Veysey
Posted: 5/23/2022 1:59:00 PM